LIKEarchitects makes kinemati,business office flexible with sliding garage doors

An IT business whose place of work focuses on establishing technologies for medical care as well as fitness items, required a working space that would be flexible for multi-use circumstances. whether the team in the porto headquarters want to work or even play, LIKEarchitects has developed a great design system to accommodate both.

the particular porto-based structures studio has designed a spatial organization based on a continuous, adaptable system of sliding garage doors that make several dividers and secluded spaces. spots for individual work, group discussion, conference rooms, assessment facilities in addition to conference centers all can be produced with the straightforward manipulation of mobile walls. numerous possible designs can be set up when the double-sided folded metal sheet surface is rotated and also meandered round the track system. a kinetic as well as chromatic experience produces different area perspectives and also colorful reflections when the viewer moves around, depending on the application of orange-and-red tape stripes.

Flexible Sliding Garage Doors

The spatial business is dependant on a continuous, adaptable system of sliding garage doors

Sliding Garage Doors Create  Conference Center

a conference center is created by sliding the doors into a closed as well as secluded area

Moving Garage Doors

the actual moving garage doors allow for continued coverage and also privacy from others

a big work table lines the center of the work space

Sliding Garage Door Divider

a track separates the area in two

Curving Sliding Garage Doors

bending doors result in the mixed-use office adjustable to numerous work circumstances

numerous possible layouts can be configured once the double-sided folded metal sheet surface is rotated

red and also orange tape adds a colorful dynamism

a gradient of colour changes around the room

an animated plan represents the movement of the doors