If there is a lack of room for a hinged door, pocket doors are the perfect solution, they are also regularly used for the aesthetic appeal and for an architectural impact. The doors open into a compartment in an adjacent wall, giving the illusion the doors have disappeared.

Pocket doors can be top hung or bottom rolling, but they are more commonly top hung. The doors are often suspended on an overhead track and travel on rollers. Single or double doors can be installed to suit the desired entrance size.

A building expert has claimed pocket doors are perfect if you are seeking a little more space in your home, as they can add an average of 10 square feet of floor space to your room.

An ‘open pocket door’ is a variation on the standard pocket door. It is wall hung and is ideal in scenarios where an in-wall insulation is unsuitable.

Pocket doors are opened extremely easy, meaning they are ideal in homes with disabled residents.